Sunday, 2 December 2012


You have never think that !dea can really change your life! I am going to tell you very useful and helpful tip..
Now you haven't need to remember your !dea number.
Here is a steps which will show your number to you.

Step 1: Simply dial *147# on your mobile.

Step 2: You will get reply from !dea as follows
Welcome to Idea Self Care

1. Recharge Info
2. My Account Info
3. My Offer
4. 3G & GPRS
5. VAS & Features
0 Next
Reply with choice

Step 3: Now you have to reply with option number 2 (My Account Info)

Step 4: You will get reply as

My Account Info
1. Last 7 calls
2. Last 3 recharges
3. My Plan Info
# Return to main menu
Reply with choice

Step 5: And finely reply with option 1 And exit.

Your number will be on your screen.

All In One Step: Simply dial *147*2*1# for quick.

Important Notice :  This service is totally depend on network and they can change service or menus anytime!

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