Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Latest Uninor 2G GPRS Packs For Maharashtra And Goa Circle [Sep 2013]

About 2 weeks ago I was recieved a SMS from Airtel as follows..
"Special Offer: Recharge eith Rs.14 and get 200MB data for 15 days". I recharged! And Airtel makes me fool!
They only credited me 90 MB and says that you havent any offer like this and you will not get this benefit!
At this moment I was thinking that, I haven't passed from situation like this, If I had with uninor!

Why Uninor:

Uninor is not our father-in-law, But sometime it gives feel like this one by providing a cheap calling rates and affordable Internet GPRS Data price almost in all circles.

Cheapest GPRS Data Rates of Uninor for Maharshtra and Goa are as follows:

Price Validity Data USSD Code
Rs. 9 2 days 50 MB 2G Data *222*7*9#
Rs. 14 2 days 300 MB 2G Data *222*7*14#
Rs. 17 7 days(1AM-6AM) 600 MB 2G Data *222*7*17#
Rs. 47 10 days 200 MB/day 2G Data
+500 SMS
Rs. 63 21 days 1.5 GB Internet Data *222*7*63#
Rs. 95 21 days 3 GB Internet Data *222*7*95#
Rs. 115 30 days 3072 MB Internet Data
+1500 SMS
Rs. 147 30 days 6 GB Internet Data
Rs. 234 60 days 12 GB Internet Data

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