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Call Idea To Idea at 10p/min : Brief Explanation of I2I Cheap and Affordable Call Rates

The well known Group of A-Vo-id and companies - Airtel, Vodafone and Idea follows each other to make there head up in the race that is going on in Indian Telecom Market.
Sometimes I thinks that they are controlling India by rolling out tariff plans that sucks our pocket.
Recently Idea launches a plan of 99 Rs. This plan provides cheap call rates to there own network, 10p/min idea to idea calls only!
This plan has a validity of 30 days and it also gives a talk time of 0 Rs!

How To Activate This Plan

To enjoy cheap callrates (according to idea) for 30 days between idea to idea, you have to recharge with 99 Rs.

Is This Plan Really Cheap an Affordable

Wait let me enplane..
First find out how much balance you use in one month? If you are less than 100 Rs. please don't go for this double nine.
If your daily idea 2 idea calls are greater than 7, then this plan may suite your budget.

How This Plan Will Suite Your Budget

If you call more than 7 minutes daily to idea network and suppose you have callrates of 0.72p/min.
Then you will be charged
0.72*7=5.04 Rs. daily
and =151.2 Rs /month..

And if you recharge with 99,
You will be charged
0.10*7=0.7 Rs. daily
and 21 Rs. monthly
your total investment for a month is 99+21=120Rs.


I have calculated and shows you how this plan will suite your pocket, if you want more details about new plans and offers you can LIKE our Facebook Fan Page, to get latest updates on your Facebook timeline.

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