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How To Use Cheap Tarriff Rates On Your Airtel, Vodafone and Idea (A-Vo-Id) Simcard's

From last year every one is complaining about increased tariffs of a well known A-Vo-Id : Airtel, Vodafone and Idea network. It's Ok.
They have increased it and increasing yet!

Callrates are increased from 1p/sec to 2p/sec.

There was a internet pack of 2GB for 98 Rs. (Still high tariff at that time!!)
Now 500 MB at 98 Rs.

We have used sms 4000 SMS'es at just 26 Rs. but now getting just 900 SMS'es for 67 Rs. on my Idea!

Are telecom operators sucking us?

Have A-Vo-Id group with each other to suck us?
Why this price war is going on in telecom sector?

Some are saying that, many operators closed there services due to high spectrum price and Airtel, Idea, Vodafone starts this movement to absorb the potential of there customer!!

For your kind information.. Think again and please dial *122# from your Idea, *121# from Vodafone Sim card and for Airtel dial *121*1# for your best offer!
Bileave it or not you will find more than one amazing offers on that USSD number.

I have 2 simcards Airtel and Idea!
with callrates 1.2p/2sec on Idea and same on Airtel with daily 1 Rs. Decrement !
is it cheap than 2p/sec ? Any doubt??

Moreover I have never used Internet with increased rates! I am using my best offers!
I was getting following offers on my Airtel:
1) With the recharge of 14 Rs. I was getting 500 MB 2G internet for 15 days.
2) With the recharge of 25 Rs. I was getting 750 MB 2G internet for 15 days.
3) And now I have recharged 46 Rs. that gives me 750 MB 2G internet for 15 days.

And Idea is not so bad, was giving me 1 GB at just 27 Rs for 7 days!

My one friend having Vodafone simcard and is still recharging with 12 Rs and getting 500 MB for 15 days.
and 13 Rs. for callrates like 30p/min for 30 days!

To know More Offers>> Click: Airtel  Vodafone  Idea
Click Here to know more about Airtel FreeZone

The network Avoid also providing the better value for recharges and providing a full talktime or more than full talktime on small recharges also.
Some best offers ever recorded was>>
On idea:
1) 50 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 35 Rs.
2) 40 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 35 Rs.
3) 35 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 35 Rs.
4) 40 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 20 Rs.
5) 80 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 80 Rs.
6) 40 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 40 Rs.

On Airtel:
1) 13 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 12 Rs.
2) 25 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 24 Rs.
3) 50 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 49 Rs.
4) 50 Rs. Talktime by recharging with 50 Rs.

Just one advice : Think Positive!
Tariffs are increased but still A-Vo-Id is providing better services, better offers with more better network!
They knows value of customer and and the Special offers to them!

So get on and dial *121# or *121*1# , check your best offer and post here in comment section let our readers know the various best offer to you!

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